Ganjier Farms Cultivation Series

Growing Clean Outdoor Cannabis

Ganjier Farms is Kevin Jodrey’s sprawling terraced mountain farm, utilized for testing before it sells genetics at Wonderland Nursery. We are in the business of growing what you need. We have to make sure the clones live up to the promised varietal characteristics. The only way to do that is to grow it ourselves. It’s not only our incredible clones, our genetics are researched personally. This series will be a how-to approach to how we in Humboldt County approach outdoor cultivation with a non-chemical approach. We hope to share our methods so that we can show a viable, scaled approach to outdoor cannabis cultivation.

Learn how Kevin Jodrey leverages all the experience, information and solid partners he uses to produce incredible, clean cannabis.

Port Royal: Planting Season


Port Royal: Helicopter and Drone Fly-over