Wonderland Nursery Knowledge Library

Wonderland Nursery gets to see a lot of great new advancements and meet some very talented people. We decided that it would benefit our loyal fans to see what interests us and makes us proud to be a part of. We hope you enjoy some of the content that goes on this page.

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Seed Series: Meet The Breeders

Kevin Jodrey and Wonderland Nursery had one goal with the Seed Series: Meet the Breeders and that was to connect the farming community with top notch Craft Cannabis breeders of California so that together, they could determine what genetics work for the farmer and their particular situation. The intent is to develop a closer relationship between farmers and breeders to collaborate towards producing high quality, craft cannabis for the market.

Wonderland Seed Series: Meet the Breeders - Craft Cannabis Breeders of California

Craft Breeders of California

The Seed Series, and all the video content is here to allow you to get intimate with these Craft Cannabis breeders and allow cannabis farmers to connect and work together to achieve the farmers intended goals for their specific situation. Watch their sessions and reach out to the craft breeder that is right for you.

Wonderland Spotlights

One of the priorities at Wonderland Nursery is to sift through everyone and everything we come across and find the best of the best to share with our community. We are lucky to meet some of the most interesting people in the industry and witness new advancements and techniques in the field. This video series focuses on some of those and for us to shine the spotlight on things that can help our community increase their game.

Phylos Bioscience: DNA Testing Your Cannabis

Unlock the mystery of your cannabis varieties with a groundbreaking exploration of ancestral, relationship, stability and uniqueness data. A digital genetic report gives you a comprehensive profile of your variety including closest relatives, clonal relationships, uniqueness score, population origin, variation and distant cultivars. Dynamic functionality means your report is updated in real-time as new varieties are added to our database.

Ganjier Farms Cultivation Series

Ganjier Farms is Kevin Jodrey’s sprawling terraced mountain farm, utilized for testing before it sells genetics at Wonderland Nursery. We are in the business of growing what you need. We have to make sure the clones live up to the promised varietal characteristics. The only way to do that is to grow it ourselves. It’s not only our incredible clones, our genetics are researched personally. This series will be a how-to approach to how we in Humboldt County approach outdoor cultivation with a non-chemical approach. We hope to share our methods so that we can show a viable, scaled approach to outdoor cannabis cultivation.

Port Royal: Helicopter and Drone Fly-over

Welcome to Port Royal’s Ganjier Farms. Port Royal is a cannabis brand by Kevin Jodrey. We’ve been working on this for the last 4 years and we will be releasing more videos breaking down the details of what and how as we move into the 2017 season. Please Enjoy!!